Future of Radio ? A big question with an easy answer.

Radio in today’s era has changed quite a lot from earlier times , a lot different and much more than what Tesla and Marconi could have ever imagined . Even though radio was developed in the late 1800s yet it took a lot of time to go mainstream and become a household thing . Radio contributed in establishing communication and connection between people, far or near . Before the 19th century , owning a radio was a fantasy thing .

Even though radio seems to lose its impact for quite some time but it seems to be gaining the importance back . The evolution of radio traces an exponential rise in history . In today’s modern society , radio has occupied every nook and corner , be it people listening to the radio while driving or at home . Radio has become so common that finding a person who hasn’t heard or used radio once in their life would be a difficult task .

Hellie Hanagan once said, “ The power of radio is not that it speaks to millions, but that it speaks intimately and privately to each one of those millions”. The future of radio lies in its primary function of connecting to communities interested in listening to us .

Establishing connection and improvising it for the benefit of society, be it giving people a merry break from work , charity work , communicating with loved ones in the public sphere, or updating the busiest people on the news . Radio has a deep impact on our lives in particular and society in general . It helps people to know about different cultures through music or via broadcasts . It helps in building engagement within communities and to provide young budding artists a platform to showcase their skills and helping them in expanding their reach . The way radio works is changing incredibly . It even provides financial assistance and uses its connectivity in providing community support to the ones who need it the most .

Radio is transitioning at a very fast rate where traditional radios and radio broadcasting have become a thing of the past . Evolving along with the latest internet technologies , radio has become an important asset in vehicles . Use of internet radio has created a niche for personalised radio experience as per the convenience of the audience . The future of radio holds a lot more of unexplored potential within . Not just music but every kind of option is available on radio . In sports , television productions and commercial airline operations , radio has become an important requirement . Radio has connected with almost every part of today’s lifestyle . It has successfully established itself in the field of music, business propagandas, online streaming of radio through apps. I am providing their Radio partners opportunities to expand their brand and create awareness for the same , thus benefiting them as well .

There has been an incredible rise in radio’s popularity and outreach over the past years and no doubts , it will continue to expand in full force in future too .


Shruti Pal

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